Take a dog to work, they said

April 23 2016

I take a dog to work this week. I know it’s not the right time. ‘Take a dog to work’ day is actually supposed to happen in June.

Man with two dogs

A woman’s best friend is a husky

April 17 2016

Last June I wrote about eight enterprising girls calling themselves Atte HUSKYteers, who set themselves a challenge to complete a six-day, 285km dog sled adventure through the Arctic wilderness, across the roof of the world.

Fiona Armstrong

Sixty is the new forty

February 3 2016

Well, ‘tis done. A new decade dawns and we have all survived the trauma. Frankly, I don’t feel any different. Nor do I think I look any older. Others may disagree, but age is truly just a number.