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The Peat Inn (42/50)

December 8 2018

I have been interested in the details of food my whole life. From licking the raw cake mixture from the bowl as a child, to gaining the patience to make a smooth béchamel from an early age, the methods and ingredients have always held my attention.

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The Tayberry, Broughty Ferry (38/50)

October 8 2018

I have a very good friend who has never been particularly bothered by food. He eats to live, in contrast to me who lives to eat. Sure, he likes what he likes and cottage pie with bubbling cheese on the top is his favourite but taking him to somewhere offering "fine dining" would simply not be appreciated.

Restaurant Reviews

The Newport (45/50)

March 17 2018

I first visited the Newport not long after it opened and I can remember how I felt when I tasted the warm bread dipped in the decadent salt cod brandade. I recall how excited I was by the menu and how much I ordered as I just couldn't decide between the tasting plates.

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The Seafood Ristorante, St Andrews (41.5/50)

April 29 2017

Sometimes even a weekday lunch can be special, whether there is an occasion for it or not.  And once in a while a Tuesday needs a little bit of sparkle.  I had just such a Tuesday recently and decided to try the "reborn" Seafood Ristorante in St Andrews.

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Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (48/50)

November 26 2016

With Courier-country being increasingly blessed with new posh restaurants like Castlehill, The Tayberry & The Newport, readers like me probably don’t feel the need to venture far from the policies to push the boat out occasionally.

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The Playwright, Dundee (37/50)

October 8 2016

I have visited The Playwright a few times in the past but only ever for the pre-theatre menu which I have previously found to be good value, combining high quality food with interesting choices.

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Rocca at Rusacks, St Andrews (41/50)

September 10 2016

Rocca is situated in an outstanding location whether you are a golf fan or not.  We were incredibly lucky to have been seated by a window overlooking the Old Course greens, clubhouse and of course the stunning St Andrews beach.