Business comment

Making holidays count

August 1 2018

The Dundee Fortnight – or the trades holiday as it is also known – spanned the last week in July and first in August and was when the city’s heavy industries traditionally fell silent.

Motoring news

How fast can you drive in Europe?

July 27 2018

Are you heading away to the continent for a holiday this summer that will involve driving? If so, high on your list of priorities should be not getting caught by the local police for accidentally wandering over the speed limit!


The art of packing – top tips for families

November 17 2017

With Black Friday approaching and lots of families looking to book in last minute travel deals, MyVoucherCodes has put together some top tips for families planning a get-away to make sure they pack efficiently and don’t end up paying excess baggage charges or taking excess goods when they go away. This comes as their recent research finds that 8 out of 10 Brits over pack their luggage when they go away.