Nature Watch


Leap of faith

November 17 2018

It was like treading upon a sweeping carpet of copper, such was the burnished tint of the beech leaves covering this track by the River North Esk near Edzell.


Eight-armed wonder

October 27 2018

It’s those eyes, the large intelligent eyes that are so striking, a piercing concentration that made me wonder whether this octopus was pondering a dilemma; should I stay still and rely on my camouflage for concealment, or perhaps better to make a dash for deeper water?

Nature Watch

Whooper swans bring back fond memories

January 29 2017

There was not a breath of wind, not a penny whisper out on the mirror calm wispy-misted lochan where the four whooper swans drifted. It was a scene that could have been brushed from an artist’s palette; a picture perfection of a Scottish winter lochscape in all its beguiling serenity.

Nature Watch

A dusk encounter with the woodcock

May 7 2016

Standing in the diminishing light of dusk by an avenue of pines, I see the woodcock heading towards me, skimming low over the treetops on flickering owl-like wings and uttering strange croaks and intermittent hissy chirps.

Nature Watch

River Forth porpoises took me by surprise

April 23 2016

There are surprises and then there are surprises – but nothing had quite prepared me for the astonishment of finding a couple of porpoises swimming in the River Forth a few miles downstream from Stirling.