The most exciting and important cars of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

March 5 2019

The Geneva Motor Show, taking place each March in the Swiss city’s Palexpo exhibition centre, is the event that the motoring world plans its whole calendar around. It’s typically the location for European manufacturers to reveal their most important and pivotal models, announce major step-changes to their brand or corporate strategy and play around with amazing concept cars.


The most exciting diesel car projects ever

March 4 2019

In 2019, diesel’s reputation is low thanks to a raft of well-documented emissions controversies, and it seems unlikely to regain its former status as not only an eco- and wallet-friendly alternative to petrol, but also a serious proposition in terms of performance.


UK drive: The Hyundai i30 N-Line offers good looks, but not that much drama

February 8 2019

What is it? Take a passing glance at the Hyundai i30 N-Line and you might think you’re looking at the hardcore i30 N hot hatchback. Indeed, that was Hyundai’s intention – the N-Line, as is the case with most cars with ‘Line’ in their trim level, is meant to give some of the glamour of a full-fat hot hatch but without the associated running costs.


Long-term report: A bright future with our Peugeot 3008

February 1 2019

I’ve mentioned it before, but if I was specifying a brand-new car, the first option box I’d tick would be the one for LED headlights. Compared with old-fashioned halogens they’re just so much brighter, clearer and safer – not to mention so ubiquitous on new models, that a modern vehicle without them looks downright odd.