Street food

Restaurant Reviews

Tanon, St Andrews (42/50)

April 7 2018

The concept of "street food" is becoming more and more trendy and earning its own place in culinary respectability.  Its becoming a stamp of authenticity for a cuisine and conjures up thoughts of colourful market stalls in hot climates, serving barbecued meats and fresh juices to passers by. Can it really taste the same though, taken out of its setting and served inside a little terraced restaurant in St Andrews?

Restaurant Reviews

Tabla, Perth (42/50)

September 23 2017

On a Friday night - well, actually on any night of the week - when we've had a hard day, Mr Kerry and I will order a carry out curry.  We know what we'll order without looking at the menu, we know there'll be some left for breakfast and we know we'll both be loosening our belts and complaining that we shouldn't have had that last chunk of keema naan.