Is a hybrid car right for me?

November 20 2018

So, you want to switch out of your petrol or diesel car. There are plenty of good reasons for this – perhaps you’re worried about the environmental impact you’re having, or you want to take advantage of tax benefits for low emissions vehicles. Maybe you simply want to save some dosh at the pumps.


UK drive: The Citroen C1 is a perfectly decent and charming city car

November 6 2018

What is it? If you’re thinking the Citroen C1 looks an awful lot like the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo, you’d be right – they’re basically the same car. But with slightly different specifications and styling, they’re aimed at different people. The name of the game for the C1 is young and funky, and it does a pretty good job at delivering.We’re testing it here in mid-spec Feel trim, paired with the full-length fabric sunroof – named ‘Airscape’ by Citroen.


The best used 4x4s for under £4,000

October 9 2018

A great number of the population opt for a four-wheel drive car, and they often have very different reasons for doing so. For some, it may be a necessity — with those who live in particularly rural areas relying on the added traction of a four-wheel drive vehicle (not to mention the extra ruggedness and ride height that often comes along with this drivetrain) to get them where they need to go.