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The Courier
2 Albert Square
Dundee DD1 1DD

Advertising: 01382 455666 /
Editorial: 01382 575290 /


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For queries regarding subscriptions to this website or our digital newspapers email or phone 0800 0294956.


Online team

If your query is directly connected to your use of this website, please contact:

Richard Rooney, group digital editor

Stephen Eighteen, Courier online editor

Online team


Courier editorial

The Courier is published by DC Thomson & Co. Ltd. It is committed to journalism of the highest standards and we aim to produce our newspaper with accuracy, honesty and fairness.

Our journalists adhere to the DC Thomson company values of integrity, respect, commitment and creativity and we abide by the industry’s own code of practice, known as the Editors’ Code. It sets out the rules that newspaper and magazine industry members pledge to accept.

More on the code and its rules can be found here.

All complaints should be addressed to the Editor.  It is our policy to publish clarifications and corrections when necessary and as quickly as possible.  We will set aside space on P4 or P5 of the newspaper to do so, or, if the complainant requests, in the relevant section of the website.

If you wish to make a complaint you can contact us by e-mail at or  by writing to The Editor, The Courier, 2 Albert Square, Dundee DD1 1DD or by calling us on 01382 575269.

If you are still not happy you can contact The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) which is the independent regulator of the newspaper and magazine industry and administers the Editors’ Code of Practice.

IPSO can be contacted at: Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London  EC4M 7LG, by e-mailing, logging on to or by calling 0300 123 2220.


To contact members of the Courier’s editorial team in Dundee, please select from the following:


News desk

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Political editor

Craigie column


As well as our main office in Dundee, The Courier has teams of reporters across Tayside and Fife. Here are the main contact details:

Dundee office

2 Albert Square, DD1 1DD
Main number 01382 575291

Chief reporter Stefan Morkis
Tel: 01382 575354
Twitter: @C_SMorkis

Jake Keith
Tel: 01382 575351
Twitter: @C_JKeith1

Nadia Vidinova
Tel: 01382 575236
Twitter: @C_NVidinova

Scott Milne
Tel: 01382 575598
Twitter: @C_Smilne

Derek Healey
Tel: 01382 575756
Twitter: @C_DHealey

Business editor Rob McLaren
Tel: 01382 575896
Twitter: @C_RMcLaren

Angus office

Main number 01241 872118

Chief reporter Graham Brown
Tel: 01382 575895
Twitter: @C_GBrown1

Graeme Strachan
Tel : 01382 575897
Twitter: @C_GStrachan

Janet Thomson
Tel: 01382 575811
Twitter: @C_JAThomson

Jim Millar
Tel: 01382 575962
Twitter: @Jim_Millar

Peter John Meiklem
Tel: 01382 575296
Twitter: @pjmeiklem


Fife office

14 Hunter Street, Kirkcaldy KY1 1ED
Main number 01592 260385

Chief reporter Craig Smith
Tel: 01382 575566
Twitter: @C_CSmith1

Aileen Robertson
Tel: 01382 575558
Twitter: @C_ARobertson

Leeza Clark
Tel: 01382 575556
Twitter: @C_LClark

Claire Warrender
Tel: 01382 575542
Twitter: @C_CWarrender

Cheryl Peebles
Tel: 01382 575559
Twitter: @C_CPeebles

Neil Henderson
Tel: 01382 575468
Twitter: @C_NHenderson


Perth office

27 George Street PH1 5JY
Main number 01738 622273

Chief reporter Jamie Buchan
Tel: 01382 575063
Twitter: @C_JBuchan

Kirsty McIntosh
Tel: 01382 575871
Twitter: @C_KMcIntosh

Ross Gardiner
Tel: 01382 575629

Sean O’Neill
Tel: 01382 575629


Features desk

2 Albert Square, DD1 1DD
Main number 01382 575291

Features editor Gillian Lord
Tel: 01382 575155
Twitter: @C_GLord

Lead news feature writer Michael Alexander
Tel: 01382 575503
Twitter: @C_MAlexander

Features writer Caroline Lindsay
Tel: 01382 575823
Twitter: @C_CLindsay1

Features writer Gayle Ritchie
Tel: 01382 575326
Twitter: @C_GRitchie

Motoring editor and features writer Jack McKeown
Tel: 01382 575373
Twitter: @C_JMcKeown

Farming editor Nancy Nicolson
Twitter: @C_NancyNicolson


Courier advertising

To talk about advertising in the Courier newspaper, please email or call 01382 455666.

Or to advertise on the Courier website, please contact Stephen Flight on 07790 931895 or