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The Peat Inn (42/50)

December 8 2018

I have been interested in the details of food my whole life. From licking the raw cake mixture from the bowl as a child, to gaining the patience to make a smooth béchamel from an early age, the methods and ingredients have always held my attention.

Chef's Table

Chef’s Table: Garry Watson of Gordon’s Restaurant, Inverkeilor

December 8 2018

My mum Maria is a professionally-trained pastry chef so in our childhood we were spoilt with amazing homemade cakes and pastries. I will always cherish fond memories of her cooling trays piled high with freshly baked mincemeat pies on Christmas Eve, ready to be packed in containers and enjoyed over the festive period.

Amber Lights

Drinks survey reveals interesting taste trends

December 8 2018

A recent survey looking at which parts of Britain liked which spirits threw up some interesting regional quirks. Not that it’s entirely surprising. One tends to assume that tipplers in Torquay will have different tastes to pub-goers in Prestonpans or imbibers in Inverness.