Nature Watch

The eyes have it on Loch Leven

November 10 2018

The low autumn sun over Loch Leven illuminated this small group of goldeneye ducks in perfect fashion; the rays of light catching every nuance of their green iridescent heads.

Nature Watch

The gentle call of the redwing

November 3 2018

It is the lightest of sounds, and even in the stillness of the night air, so delicate I’m not even sure it is there. But I concentrate the mind once more, and yes, I can definitely hear it; a thin wispy ‘seep, seep’ coming from the darkness of the heavens.

Blazing Saddles

On the road to cycling independence

November 3 2018

I can’t quite remember how old I was when I first went out cycling on roads by myself, without an adult, but I was definitely less than 12 as I used to cycle the mile from my home to Invergowrie Primary School every day.