Hyundai looks to luxury with £47,995 Genesis

By Jack McKeown, 31 January 2015 10.34am.

Harry Hill a favourite among Perth prisoners

He presents You’ve Been Framed!, so perhaps it should be no surprise that Harry Hill feels like a friend to Perth prisoners.

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Watch: Dundee Literary Festival stars pick their favourite words

From futtock to obsequious and from embroglio to wersh, writers who took part in this year's Dundee Literary Festival have picked their favourite ...

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Is history right? Or was Dundee’s Preston Watson the first to make a powered flight?

Everyone knows the Wright brothers made the first powered flight. Or did they? A new book claims a young man from Dundee may have flown the world’s ...

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From Webster Theatre to New York Carnegie Hall for Arbroath mezzo-soprano Karen Cargill

World renowned mezzo-soprano Karen Cargill debuts at the Carnegie Hall in New York this April.

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Stick Man, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh

You may think that a kids’ show about a stick wouldn’t be thrilling entertainment but as Jennifer Sutherland, producer of the stage adaption of Julia ...

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Banter of the binmen captured in new play The Scaffies

It’s “bin” a while since his last play but Dundee writer Gary Robertson is hoping to clean up with his latest production.

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