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Artist Barbara Rae on land, culture and her display at St Andrews University

26 August 2014 11.05am.

Fifer swaps textbooks for novel new career

A Fifer who turned her back on a successful teaching career has opened a new chapter in her life.

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New map offers a path into Dundee’s literary history

A literary map of Dundee has been produced by Dundee Central Library staff, who will be walking it on Sunday for charity.

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Does Gordon Brown make the wrong case in his book on Scottish independence?

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has penned a book laying out his reasons for opposing independence. Our reviewer, world-leading referendum expert ...

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Holyrood play casts spotlight on Fife’s mining heritage

Holyrood’s Presiding Officer delivered an emotional tribute to her family’s sacrifices in Fife’s mines as the first play to be performed in the ...

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Chimpanzee Jack to stand trial on human crimes at Edinburgh Fringe

A show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe created and performed by a St Andrews academic will ask the question: Could a chimp ever be found guilty of a ...

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The Big Yin’s coming back to Perth and Dundee

The Big Yin Billy Connolly will be getting on his High Horse and riding it into Tayside.

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