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Holyrood play casts spotlight on Fife’s mining heritage

By Kieran Andrews, 18 August 2014 3.59pm.

Holyrood play casts spotlight on Fife’s mining heritage

Holyrood’s Presiding Officer delivered an emotional tribute to her family’s sacrifices in Fife’s mines as the first play to be performed in the ...

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Chimpanzee Jack to stand trial on human crimes at Edinburgh Fringe

A show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe created and performed by a St Andrews academic will ask the question: Could a chimp ever be found guilty of a ...

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The Big Yin’s coming back to Perth and Dundee

The Big Yin Billy Connolly will be getting on his High Horse and riding it into Tayside.

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London internet issues 'ludicrous'

Businesses in central London are losing more than 50,000 working days and £37 million a year because of broadband issues, according to a new report ...

Twitter to add tweets to timelines

Tweets from accounts that you do not follow will now appear in your Twitter timeline, the social network has confirmed.

Web user lobs custard pie at Greggs

Greggs was left red-faced today after a crude spoof of its logo went viral on Twitter after appearing prominently placed on a Google search result.