Caniggia: 20 Years On — the exciting new documentary Dundee FC fans won’t want to miss

It was the sensational signing which stunned the footballing world.

Now for the first time, our new documentary — only available to our digital subscribers — lifts the lid on Argentine Fifa World Cup hero Claudio Caniggia’s extraordinary spell at Dundee 20 years ago.

The signing lifted the entire city and Caniggia’s former team-mates Lee Wilkie, Barry Smith, Dave Mackay and Stevie Milne bring to life what it was like to play alongside a football megastar who was the great Diego Maradona’s ex-strike partner.

Former Dundee owner Peter Marr holds nothing back as he gives a revealing view of events from the boardroom while we also speak to the fans and journalists who followed the team’s every move as the mercurial Argentine lit up Scottish football.

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