Michel Barnier

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Europe prepares for no-deal Brexit

January 17 2019

European Union nations are spending millions, hiring thousands of workers and issuing emergency decrees to cope with the increasingly likely possibility that Britain will leave the bloc on March 29 without a plan.

Mike Donachie

Why the Brexit hamper of wrong sticks in my throat

January 15 2018

The Brexit hamper is perfect in its bizarre, bizarre flaws. Witness this thing. A delegation of leading Leavers presented a collection of British products to EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, and it reveals much about the type of person pushing to leave the common market.

Readers' letters

Britain holds aces in Brexit negotiations

July 31 2017

Sir, - I read almost daily articles on the Brexit negotiations and what the EU will do to the UK if we do not agree to their demands like an £85 million payment plus EU courts overseeing EU residents’ rights in the UK.

Readers' letters

Britain can prosper outside European Union

June 28 2017

Sir,- Dr John Cameron’s rather bitter anti-Brexit and UK letter (June 24) depicts a “xenophobic little Britain... unwelcoming, impoverished, isolated offshore archipelago in the wastes of the North Atlantic” while the rest of the EU becomes stronger, without the UK as an obstacle to European unification.