Caroline Lindsay

Features writer
Chef's Table

A cosy and comforting classic casserole for autumn

October 14 2017

With nights drawing in and temperatures beginning to fall, there is nothing more comforting than a good old-fashioned family stew with dumplings. Good meat and good vegetables simmering gently and slowly together, and in this slowness releasing precious juices that mingle to provide intense yet mellow flavours and the most tender of textures, says Garry Watson, chef proprietor of Gordon's Restaurant in Inverkeilor.


Dundee Literary Festival, October 19-22 and beyond

October 13 2017

One hundred years ago, a brilliant thinker called D’Arcy Thompson at the University of Dundee published his book, On Growth and Form. Giving up nature’s secrets, it looks inside things and examines their structures and cells.


An inspiring design project to draw generations together

October 10 2017

On November 11, people of all ages will gather across Courier Country to commemorate Armistice Day. So what better time for families to come together to create an intergenerational First World War poster as part of Character Scotland’s competition Inspiring Purpose Poster Awards.