Nature Watch

Sanderling spotting

January 20 2018

By the edge of this sandy bay at Earlsferry, the sanderlings dodged in amongst the surf on pattering feet, following the flow of the sea as it receded and quickly retreating up the beach again as the rolling water surged back.

Man with two dogs

Snow may suit skiers but birds endure hungry gap

January 7 2018

Three weeks ago I wrote about the difficulties wildlife experiences during what is known as the hungry gap period. Frost and snow make foraging for food difficult, the hedgerow berries and wild seed heads in the ditches and the margins have been stripped and our wild birds need support.

Man with two dogs

Doggone it: What’s with the insults?

December 9 2017

There are seasons in the Doyenne’s year when her kitchen takes on the steamy atmosphere of the witches’ cave in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. Late summer and early autumn is the season for jams and jellies made from the wild rasps and brambles and other hedgerow glories that I pick for her. January is homemade marmalade season.

Nature Watch

The call of the curlew

November 4 2017

The rippling call of the curlew burbled across the mudflats, carrying far in the air like a piece of nature’s sweet music; a gift from the gods and the very echo of life.