Nature Watch

Going cuckoo

June 16 2018

Warm breeze against evening sky, gently caressing the rolling Perthshire hills. But the soft rush of wind is soon broken by an almost hypnotic call – ‘coo-koo, coo-koo, coo-koo’ – a sound that seems to penetrate every fold and gully of the hillside.

Nature Watch

The fascinating life of the bee-fly

May 19 2018

Is there such a thing as a cute insect? Well, yes, there most definitely is because I saw one last week – a bee-fly; a little rotund ‘furry’ beast with an impossibly long proboscis.

Nature Watch

Spotting the moon bird

April 14 2018

Expectation turned increasingly into forlorn hope and ultimately disappointment as the soft light of dusk was eventually extinguished by the dark cloak of night.