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Give cyclists more bike lanes

March 9 2019

At the start of this century, Memphis USA was near the top of every negative chart index: obesity, violent crime, poverty and poor education. It was also voted as one of the country’s worst cities for cycling. Then in 2010, the 6.7 mile Greenline was opened.

Blazing Saddles

Take cycling inspiration from the mountains

July 7 2018

Mountains have always fascinated, intrigued and terrified me in equal measures. I have bookshelves groaning under the weight of tales of mountaineers, hillwalkers, and cyclists who have taken on the challenge of scaling the peaks, many successful, some unfortunately not so.

Blazing Saddles

It’s never too late to learn some new cycling skills

February 24 2018

Over the last nine weeks I’ve looked at various cycling related activities that if you haven’t already done so, you might want to stick on your “to-do” list for 2018. It is of course a subjective list and open to personal opinion, so feel free to ignore any or all of my suggestions. Ultimately, if you are out on your bike and doing something you love, then there should be no higher purpose in cycling.

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Electric bikes take the hard work out of cycling

June 10 2017

Sitting in a café last week, mid-ride, the owner asked how far we were cycling today. I replied nonchalantly: “60 miles”. She smiled and said she could never cycle that far. When I told her she would be surprised how far she could actually cycle if she built up to it to, she replied that she had thought about getting an electric bike (e-bike), but hadn’t pursued this as she thought it was cheating.

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What’s in a name: the serious side of cycling

April 22 2017

The differences between mountain bikers and road cyclists are many. For a start, the nouns “biker” and “cyclist” tend to fit more with mountain and road respectively – after all, it’s not often, if at all, you hear of “mountain cyclists”.