Alex Bell

Alex Bell

For whom the bill tolls

January 19 2018

The small guy is always the last to know. This seems a pattern of modern business and economics, that insiders have a heads-up on impending disaster while the small operators or the ordinary citizen is out in the cold.

Alex Bell

Moment lost in fog of war

January 4 2018

Before we leave 2017 forever, let’s recall a strange moment – a speech that summed up Scotland’s predicament in 2018 but which has been wiped from our collective memory.

Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: How SNP can use its power

December 7 2017

A neat way to describe Theresa May’s government is “in office but not in power”. The phrase was coined by the waspish Norman Lamont to describe a Tory government that was pulled this away and that, with no sense of leadership or direction.