Robert McNeil

Robert McNeil

Climbing an impulsive ladder

April 14 2018

I’ve made another irrational purchase. Two in fact. The second need not detain us. It’s a tin of wood stain that I bought for the floors. Purchased online, it arrived next day, and turned out to be for exterior use only.

Robert McNeil

Single track minds have illogical fears

April 7 2018

I have developed a phobia. It’s arguably my only one. Like many decent ratepayers, I am afraid of spiders, but a phobia is an irrational fear, and it seems to me perfectly sensible to fear spiders. All these legs!

Robert McNeil

Driven crazy by cleaning

August 19 2017

I reeled back in shock and spat my breakfast Honey Loops across the room. Could this learned article in one of the nation’s public prints be correct?

Robert McNeil

Tired of tyre changing

August 5 2017

I have changed a tyre. Oh yes. That surprised you, didn’t it? Thought I was totally hopeless, didn’t you? Yes, so did I. But we must upgrade our files now to read: “Mostly hopeless.”