Robert McNeil

Robert McNeil

Getting in touch with nature on Skye

January 19 2019

I’m back in Skye, as usual at an unfashionable time of year! I was prepared not to like it – always trying to free myself from the magic spell – but, once more, it overcomes me.

Robert McNeil

Trying to prevent a cat-astrophe

May 12 2018

Bertie has been in a scrap. Or, perchance, he’s had an accident. At any rate, the tubby tabby cat suffered a lot of bruising and swelling to his chest area, and has had to have an operation.

Robert McNeil

Climbing an impulsive ladder

April 14 2018

I’ve made another irrational purchase. Two in fact. The second need not detain us. It’s a tin of wood stain that I bought for the floors. Purchased online, it arrived next day, and turned out to be for exterior use only.