‘He just bolted’ Douglas man watched beardless Santa run off after crashing car into garden hedge

All Santa left William was an abandoned car and a hole in his hedge.

A Dundee man has been left stunned after Santa drove through his garden hedge.

William Morren, 66, was woken at around 5.25am on Friday by a loud crash outside his house in Douglas.

On looking out of his window, he saw a man dressed as Santa clambering out of the vehicle, which had careered through his hedge, and fleeing the scene.

Police are now searching for the driver, who they believe may have been injured in the Ballindean Road incident.

The former Michelin factory worker said: “I went to bed at about quarter to five last night being retired I often stay up late.

“I was not long in bed when I heard a really loud bang. Normally I wouldn’t get out of bed but I thought I would this time, as it did seem very loud.

“The first thing I saw was a bus opposite and the driver was getting out. Then I looked to the left and saw this Nissan smashed straight through my hedge.

“The boy driving got out and he was dressed in a Santa outfit he didn’t have a beard though. He just bolted.”

The crash came at a particularly poignant time for Mr Morren.

“I’ve never been much of a fan of Christmas,” he said.

“One of my nephews died a week before Christmas and most of the rest of my family have gone, except for my other nephew and a few cousins. But I’m even less of a fan after this.”

Mr Morren, who has lived in the house for 58 years, explained that the now-ruined hedge had a special sentimental value for him.

“I wouldn’t mind so much but in 1961 my father and I planted the hedge after picking up some cuttings on the way back from Stobswell,” he said.

“Now this guy has totally ripped the roots out. He must have been going at some speed.

“It is the second time something like this has happened. Although the last time the entire front gate was demolished,” he added.

A police spokeswoman said: “We are now trying to find the driver. Anyone who can help is asked to speak to any police officer or phone 101.”