Man dragged out of Carnoustie pub and beaten by biker gang

A dozen bikers dragged a man from an Angus pub and assaulted him outside, leaving customers shaking in fear and weeping at the brutality of the attack.

Respected businessman Allan Friel-Myles has condemned the ”moronic attitude” of the attackers who struck at the 19th Hole in Ferrier Street, Carnoustie.

He told The Courier how his customers were terrified on Saturday as the men dragged the 47-year-old outside, with no real clues to their motive. Witnesses could only say it looked as if the gang were looking for the man in particular.

He added that some of his customers were in tears at the quick and brutal nature of the attack, after which two men were detained by police.

Members of the band Mr Spider were setting up as the bikers entered the pub in a line. They took one of the men setting up outside and proceeded to assault him.

Mr Friel-Myles has owned the pub for three years and is a director of the firm that runs Tickety Boo’s in Dundee. He is respected in the local bar trade and at one time ran the city centre pub Foreigners in Meadowside.

He told The Courier: ”I’ve operated premises all over and have never seen anything like this before. These men displayed a moronic attitude and were no better than school bullies.

”There were multiple police vehicles and an ambulance turned up as well. He was walking wounded after they beat him up not seriously injured but in a mess.”

Mr Friel-Myles has asked for a licensing exclusion order for anyone connected to the incident. These bar named parties from entering the pub again, risking a £20,000 fine and six months in jail for doing so.

”We have had CCTV reviewed by police CID although, as we are still installing cameras outside, they could only see what happened inside the bar,” he said. ”The annoying thing is that in the last two years I’ve had two pubs in Best Bar None national finals, Tickety Boo’s in Dundee and the 19th Hole, but yet I’m powerless to do anything against this.

”The awards are all for the safety and security of staff and customers, then 12 bullies march in and you can’t do anything about it.”

Mr Friel-Myles said there were no comparable incidents during his time running Foreigners, and said he would not tar bike club members with the same brush based on one incident.

”Bikers are mostly courteous and good people,” he said. ”They usually have a good day job and just let their hair down at the weekend. They’re often bank managers, solicitors and businessmen. But this behaviour was very different to what you’d expect from typical bikers.”

A police spokeswoman said: ”Around 8.30pm following a report on Saturday, officers attended a disturbance at the 19th Hole in Carnoustie. An incident had taken place, which resulted in a 47-year-old man sustaining a graze to the head and injuries to the right eye, left leg and elbow.

”An ambulance also attended. However, the man didn’t require any further attention at that time.

”Two men aged 39 and 45 years old were detained on Saturday night in connection with the incident. However, they have been released pending further police inquiries.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses to call 0300 111 222, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or speak to any officer.