Man tried to climb on to police car roof

A brazen criminal attempted to climb on to the roof of a moving police car on his birthday, a court has heard.

Andrew Anderson, 29, of Ancrum Court, committed the bizarre crime just weeks before assaulting his neighbour after downing Schnapps and not eating for three days.

Depute fiscal Charmaine Gilmartin said Anderson approached the unmarked vehicle just before midnight on December 15 last year.

Two officers were reversing the vehicle just outside police headquarters at the time.

Anderson, grabbed the windscreen wipers of the car, then attempted to lever himself on to the roof of the vehicle.

He then shouted at the startled officers as they attempted to restrain him, Dundee Sheriff Court heard.

There was no damage caused to the car.

Anderson also pleaded guilty to amended charges relating to an assault on January 11 this year, during which he punched a neighbour at his Ancrum court address “after consuming a quantity of Schnapps and not eating for two or three days”, according to his solicitor.

In that incident, which occurred while he was on bail, he attempted to gain entry to his neighbour’s flat, before becoming aggressive and striking the neighbour.

He then struggled with his neighbour’s daughter.

Ms Gilmartin said: “The complainer unfortunately suffers from skin cancer and had recently undergone operations. He approached the accused and asked the accused to leave.

“The accused pushed him and repeatedly punched him on the head. He appeared to be angry at being told to move.”

His solicitor said Anderson suffered from paranoia and that he remembers little of the incident outside Tayside Division headquarters.

The solicitor added that Anderson believes he was trying to get help from police to deal with his condition when the incident with the police vehicle occurred.

Anderson pled guilty to behaving in a disorderly manner outside Tayside Division headquarters on December 15.

He also pled guilty to behaving in a threatening manner and to punching his neighbour after attempting to force entry to his property on January 11 this year.

Anderson had his sentence deferred until May 2 for reports.