Fife mum and daughter ensure truth will always come out on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Courier reporter Cheryl Peebles hooked up at lie detector firm Scotland Polygraph Service, who are based in Ladybank and run by Carole and Tayler London Williams.

Viewers of The Jeremy Kyle Show are familiar with the tension as the presenter reveals lie detector test results for alleged cheats, thieves and abusers.

What they probably will not know is that some of those answers are gleaned by a mother-and-daughter team from Fife.

Carole and Tayler London-Williams have run Scotland Polygraph Services from their home in Ladybank since 2006.

While the bulk of their work involves extracting the truth from husbands and wives accused of cheating, the polygraph experts are also called upon to grill under-suspicion guests of the hit ITV daytime television show.

Carole, 58, has been involved in some memorable episodes, including that of a philandering taxi driver who had been taking advantage of female passengers short of their fare.

Polygraph testing exonerated him of the original charge that he had been cheating with his girlfriend’s sister but stated he had been sleeping with someone.

Carole, who has also worked for the Trisha show, said: “There was the usual verbal, that the test didn’t work, don’t believe it.

“Afterwards, one of the producers got a call from the girlfriend saying that back in the hotel he had confessed all.”

Fans of the programme regularly see those who fail tests insist they have told the truth.

Carole said: “People say it’s all wrong, the test didn’t work but you get the confessions afterwards only they are not willing to go back on camera.”

While there is some scepticism about the reliability of polygraph testing, the method is widely used in US criminal cases and was recently adopted for monitoring sex offenders in England and Wales.

Carole pointed to research claiming qualified polygraph examiners are up to 98% accurate.

The polygraph instruments she and Tayler use are similar to that used by the FBI and CIA and they say they are extremely difficult to beat.

However, that does not stop some trying.

Carole said: “We have had someone who bit off the end of a pen and placed the piece down a finger pad.

“I have had someone inform me they couldn’t wear the blood pressure cuff because they have a contraceptive implant.

“Another person told me he had a hole in his lung. I asked him where his oxygen tank was.”

Carole, who previously worked for Boots, was inspired to enter the industry by her own divorce case and the wrongful arrest of family members on suspicion of murder.

Former Bell Baxter High School pupil Tayler joined her in the business and both hold qualifications from American Polygraph Association-approved academies.

They are involved in all sort of cases, ranging from family disputes to corporate fraud.

While many clients get answers which are hard to bear, Carole said she often helps people save relationships, allowing them to establish the truth and move on.

She said: “I have the tool for truth, they now have the tool to pull themselves together and decide where to go from here.

“There are people I have helped and I get satisfaction from that.

“Of course, there are others who would like to kick me from here to kingdom come.”