Hundreds line up to break rugby record

Players at the rugby record event at Huntingtower near Perth celebrate on Sunday Pic Phil Hannah

THE WORLD Record for the largest game of touch rugby has been smashed in Courier Country.

The event saw 294 locals take to the pitch in Perth breaking the previous record of 262.

Organisers of the Santa-themed event, which was planned by Perthshire Rugby Club, said they were “absolutely delighted” with the turnout.

The event was adjudicated by Scottish Rugby Union official Bob Easton and the record needs to be verified by Guinness World Records before it will appear in their books.

Players ranging from just two years old to those in their seventies turned out for the game at Mains of Huntingtower farm on Sunday after a previous attempt at the Fair City’s North Inch was abandoned due to ice.

Andy Cummins, senior coach at Perthshire Rugby, said they have spent several weeks planning the attempt and were pleased by the results.

He said: “After it was postponed last week, we were a little bit worried about the turnout but we are really pleased with the turnout from the team and also the local people of Perth it’s great to get that many people on a Sunday morning.

“A lot of people had never played before so to see them was good.”

Mr Easton added: “It was amazing to see all the red and white suits running about. It’s a brilliant community event.”