Braveheart Investment Group injects £1m in operation solution

February 22 2013, 3.57pmUpdated: April 16 2016, 12.17pm

Braveheart Investment Group is injecting more than £1 million into surgical technology.

Envestors Limited, its wholly-owned subsidiary, has closed funding from private investors in Monaco as part of a £1.2m funding round for Cipher Surgical.

The OpClear product developed by Cipher Surgical is a solution to one of the key challenges facing surgeons in laparoscopy minimally invasive surgery through the abdomen.

During laparoscopy, surgeons must maintain soil-free optics throughout an operation and ensure continuous operative surgical vision.

The lens of the laparoscope acts as the surgeon’s eyes but it can become covered in fluid, blood, tissue, fat or condensation.

During operations, the lens must be removed from the patient’s abdomen for cleaning, causing an unwelcome break in the surgeon’s workflow and concentration.

The OpClear is a laparoscopic accessory comprising a single-use device that fits to a laparoscope and uses fluidics in a novel way to clear the laparoscope lens.

Oliver Woolley, founder director of Envestors, described it as a “ground-breaking solution”.

He added: “We are most encouraged to see that Cipher Surgical has made good progress with its CE mark application and has agreed terms with a UK distributor.”

Cipher Surgical Limited chief executive Andrew Newell added: “This additional funding will enable us to obtain our CE mark and launch into the UK.

“The fundraising ability and responsiveness of the Envestors team has been a great help to us.”

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