“Cadillac?” watch how four people in Dundee got on trying to speak Gaelic

As councils across Tayside and Fife consider plans to develop the Gaelic language, The Courier decided to hit the streets to see just how much people already know.

Our (unscientific) experiment asked people to try to pronounce a few stock phrases and also guess what they thought they meant.

Despite mixed results on our language test, people did seem positive about the efforts to promote the language.

Dean Weir, 39, Coldside: “I’m all for people learning Gaelic, it’s really an important part of Scotland’s heritage.”

Hannah Farquhar, 19, Kirriemuir: “I think it’s a good idea. I wouldn’t know how to say any of it, and it’d be good to learn it in schools.”

Caroline Paulin, 20, Maryfield: “In the Highlands they have it everywhere, and it could be important to help people know a bit more about Scotland.”

Eleanor Davis, 37, West End: “I’ve only just moved to Dundee from England but I think it would be a good thing to see.”