Patrick Matthew

Perth & Kinross

Carse of Gowrie visionary remembered

October 21 2017

A Carse of Gowrie man who predicted the failure of the original Tay rail bridge - and may even have beaten Charles Darwin to his world-changing conclusions - has been remembered, exactly 227 years to the day after he was born.

Perth & Kinross

Perthshire Charles Darwin claims are ‘so silly’, claims leading international academic

May 17 2016

A leading international academic has rubbished claims that Charles Darwin ‘borrowed’ the theory of natural selection from a relatively unknown Perthshire fruit farmer when he wrote Origin of Species in the mid-19th century. Dr John van Wyhe, a senior lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences, at the National University of Singapore, said the recent claims by Dr Mike Sutton of Nottingham Trent University were “so silly” and “based on such forced and contorted imitations of historical method that no qualified historian could take it seriously. “ However, Dr Sutton has hit back, claiming that the “subtle manoeuvrings of influential Darwinists” has deliberately ensured that 19th century Perthshire science hero Patrick Matthew remains “buried in oblivion.” Dr Sutton also suggested that pro-Darwinite Dr van Wyhe had recently resigned from the board of a Polish science journal because it published a critique of the latest Patrick Matthew claims.