Lucy Penman

Not in a Strictly state of mind

November 21 2017

The following chat took place with a good friend who is finding it difficult to come to terms with my lack of Strictly Come Dancing engagement this season. This is because I can’t bear to watch on my own without the Student.


Save a pretty penny this Christmas: money saving tips for all the family

November 6 2017

Parenting can be a costly business. It can be tricky to stick to a budget when you're constantly refilling the fridge and buying the kids the next size up in shoes. And, with the expense of Halloween just behind us and Christmas on the horizon, mums and dads will be wondering how they are going to budget for the next few months.

Lucy Penman

A pug wearing a bandana? Resistance is futile

October 31 2017

Against my better judgment, I have finally succumbed to the national obsession with pictures of cute animals. I only admitted it to myself after asking the owner of some type of pug dog with a sticky-out tongue (the dog, not the owner) if I could take a picture of it “for my daughter”. It is now my phone screen wallpaper.


Dundee Literary Festival, October 19-22 and beyond

October 13 2017

One hundred years ago, a brilliant thinker called D’Arcy Thompson at the University of Dundee published his book, On Growth and Form. Giving up nature’s secrets, it looks inside things and examines their structures and cells.