Lucy Penman

Lucy Penman: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can make sense of it all?

April 11 2018

Once women get beyond a certain age (which begins with a five and ends with a zero), they are constantly warned that unless they slather their faces in stuff on a regular basis their skin will begin to crack and eventually disintegrate. This has prompted me to compile one of my handy cut-out-and-keep guides. Welcome to skincare routines through the decades:


Zombie SFX: Andy and Megan are pure dead brilliant

October 28 2017

As a shambling blood-covered zombie lurches its way across the road and into a nearby graveyard, terrified passers-by hurry out of its path. But this isn’t a scene from the latest horror flick – it’s mid-afternoon in Dundee city centre and for ‘zombie’ Andy Finlay, it’s just an ordinary day.