TellyBox: The Honest Supermarket

July 13 2019

People spend almost £190 billion a year on groceries but can we really tell what’s in our food? This is why BBC’s The Honest Supermarket is here to help...


TellyBox: Top Gear is funny again

June 29 2019

Rebecca is delighted to report Top Gear is funny again now that Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris have taken the wheel. Just don’t tell her friends...


TellyBox: War On Plastic

June 17 2019

One programme was a tough watch for Rebecca. Anger and guilt were just some of the emotions evoked by The War On Plastic


TellyBox: Love Island

June 8 2019

This week Rebecca is back from her holiday and raring to get stuck into the latest series of her TV guilty pleasure, Love Island...