Amber Lights

Whisky can be an acquired taste

November 10 2018

Whisky is, sadly, still a drink that many people, including countless Scots, do not really take a shine to. Indeed, Scots drink more vodka by volume than whisky, a fact that totally flummoxes any foreign tourist I tell that to. Scots drink more vodka than whisky? Come on, pull the other one…

Amber Lights

New ventures for distilleries lead to liquid gold

March 31 2018

No one can fail to notice the plethora of new distilleries—mainly distilling gin—sprouting on both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, and across the sea in Ireland. I’ve lost track of all the gin distilleries in Scotland but keep an eye open for whisky distilleries.

Wine Guide

Vote vodka

October 1 2016

Ahead of National Vodka Day (October 4), Sam Wylie-Harris looks at the latest vodka trends and shares some exciting new releases