Preview: John Craigie at Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee

© SuppliedJohn Craigie
John Craigie

Portland-based songwriter John Craigie has announced a UK tour following the release of his new record No Rain, No Rose earlier in the year; including a show at Clarks On Lindsay Street in Dundee on Thursday.

The vagabond troubadour, who has been compared to John Prine and Mitch Hedberg, has charmed audiences in all 50 US states and throughout Europe.

When touring solo and with the likes of Jack Johnson, Todd Snider, Shook Twins, Nicki Bluhm, and ALO, Craigie has taken the stage at festivals; sold out venues and intimate house concerts.

Craigie’s true home is on the road, and just like that he’s on to the next town.

One critic said: “If John Prine and Mitch Hedberg had a child, the resulting product would resemble something very close to singer-songwriter John Craigie. It’s no wonder that Chuck Norris sends him fan mail, and Todd Snider brings him gifts on stage.”

*John Craigie, Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee, October 5