Brakes put on Arbroath speed bumps plan over fears it will move “rat-run”

© Paul Reid
Gallowden Road is the planned location for the new speed humps

Speed hump safety measures in Arbroath have stalled over concerns the move may simply shift the “rat-run” problem to other streets nearby.

Councillors were ready to extend traffic calming measures further along the town’s Gallowden Road after local support for the idea.

The plan followed a local consultation of almost 80 local homes, and although fewer than 30 responded, there was an overwhelming 70% response in favour of the 75 millimetre speed cushions being installed in the £15,000 plan.

© Paul Reid
Gallowden Road

The road has been branded a rat-run route for traffic coming into Arbroath from the north-west into town, or making for the Westway which then takes drivers towards the retail park and the A92 to Dundee.

Some motorists also use Gallowden Road to escape the busy East Muirlands Road junction and concerns have already been raised that a near-300-house development in the area will only exacerbate the problem.

Some respondents had suggested the council should even go further with a 20mph speed limit and ban on HGVs on the shortcut.

Communities committee members were keen to give the green light to the Gallowden Road speed humps, but local councillors said they should put the brakes on the plan until the views of residents in neighbouring streets was gauged.

Arbroath West and Letham Liberal Democrat Richard Moore said: “This is a known rat-run so I am delighted to see this come forward.

“But the eastern access to the new housing is almost directly opposite Gallowden Avenue and you are going to have people use that as a way of avoiding the streets with the humps.

“There may be support for extending this into the other streets such as Gallowden Avenue and Gallowden Crescent and I would suggest we don’t implement it until we have the results of a survey there.”

Arbroath Independent David Fairweather added: “This is welcome but there are going to be rat-runs when this new housing is complete.

“Even the residents of Arbirlot are worried that their village is going to become a rat-run for people going to the A92.

“I don’t think it will be as bad, but I welcome the idea of this and the further consideration that will be given through consultation with people in Gallowden Avenue and Gallowden Crescent.”