Fife walks

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Military manoeuvres are on point

August 12 2017

During the two world wars, the batteries of the Forth Coastal Defences were established to protect shipping on what was a strategically important yet potentially vulnerable estuary.

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Flying high in Fife

April 8 2017

When aeronautical pioneer Vincenzo Lunardi took off amid much fanfare from Edinburgh in his hot air balloon on what was to become Scotland’s first notable flight he probably had little idea where he would end up.

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A foray through north Fife

March 4 2017

Long distance trails are a great way to explore the landscape. Equally, they offer useful links between communities, links that can either be walked on their own or incorporated into other outings.

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Doing the Law justice

January 28 2017

Fife is not overly blessed with hills. Away from the tapering eastern end of the Ochils and the Lomonds, where West Lomond stands proud as the highest point in the kingdom, summits are scant and scattered.

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Go west to spot a birdie or two

January 14 2017

Come rain or shine, the West Sands in St Andrews always draws visitors. In the height of summer, it is a popular spot with sun worshippers, holidaymakers, surfers, sand yachts and kite buggies. In the depths of winter, hardy walkers, runners and horse riders proliferate.

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No coal, but bronze Ore galore

December 3 2016

Fifty years ago, the landscape of Loch Ore in Fife was dramatically different to the scene that greets visitors today. There were seven coal mines in the area, including Mary Colliery. Opened in 1904 it was, for a time, the deepest pit in Scotland.

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To be beside the seaside

November 12 2016

Summer beach holidays may be an increasingly distant memory but, for me, the seductive lure of sea and sand remains as strong as ever.