Queensferry Crossing: One week on from official opening, traffic queues back for miles

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Traffic builds up on the Queensferry Crossing on Thursday, September 14

Traffic was queueing back for miles before 7am this morning on the newly-opened £1.35 billion Queensferry Crossing.

One week on from its official opening to motorists, locals have been calling for the old Forth Road Bridge to be reopened to all traffic to ease congestion on the structure.

This morning vehicles were lining the southbound M90 from as far back as the Masterton junction from 6.50am.

Traffic issues continued to affect the route across the Firth of Forth all morning, with Traffic Scotland tweeting that things were “slowing” after 8am.

At 9am they said traffic was “moving freely” towards the Queensferry Crossing.

When the Queensferry Crossing first opened on August 30 drivers experienced long delays.

This was put down not only to commuter traffic but to those who wanted to see the new bridge up close.

Gridlock as Queensferry Crossing grinds to a halt during evening rush hour

It closed to traffic for six days to allow celebrations – including its official opening by the Queen – to go ahead.

When it reopened on September 7, the southbound morning rush hour passed quietly, but there were four mile tailbacks northbound during the evening peak.