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Readers' letters

Will turbine employment go to Europe?

November 10 2017

Sir, - During the recent controversial legal battle between the RSPB and Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) over the Neart na Gaoithe (NNG) offshore wind turbines, we have witnessed via articles and adverts numerous beneficial claims by MRP in relation to local job creation and investment in Scotland associated with the £2 billion planned development.

Readers' letters

Contradictory arguments on education

March 17 2017

Sir, - Having read Allan MacDougall’s letter (March 10) I’m astonished how he managed to cram in contradiction, inconsistency, junk science, political grievance, indulge in class warfare and undertake to be economical with the truth all in a few hundred words.

Readers' letters

Adopt pragmatic approach to beavers

November 15 2016

Sir, - Jim Crumley’s article, Madness over Beaver Fears (November 7) was excellent and drew attention to the unfortunate reaction some farmers have had to beavers in their burns and ditches.