Our team of photographers pick their favourite Courier pictures from 2017

© DC Thomson
Courier photographers pick their favourite images of the year

Whatever happens in Courier Country, our photographers are there to record the moment. We asked them to choose their favourite pictures of 2017. It’s a lively mix

Kris Miller

© DC Thomson
Photographer Kris Miller’s favourite image he captured in 2017.

I was sent to Dave Finlayson, who has MND, for a news feature on assisted suicide. Dave is facing the ultimate dilemma – end his life earlier than he wishes to ensure that he is still fit enough to make the journey to Switzerland, or risk delaying it until he feels his quality of life has become unbearable, only to discover he is no longer well enough to travel. I like this image as the  strong lighting isolates the subject, accentuating the tough, lonely choices he has to make, the darkness surrounding him is his future and the light is his health while he can still enjoy it. The catch lights in his eyes are unusual and add drama to a still portrait.


Steven Brown

© DC Thomson
Photographer Steven Brown was most proud of this photo featuring Michael Palin at St Andrews University.

I was sent to photograph proceedings when 12 leading figures from the worlds of science, literature, religion, film and broadcasting were given honorary degrees by St Andrews University. Comedian and broadcaster Michael Palin was among them. I like this picture of him celebrating with graduating
students, as it shows the character of Michael as a comedian. The big globe, the excitement, and the happiness on all the faces makes this a real feel-good moment. It’s also a moment in time
captured, showing the happiness of all whose new qualification can take them around the world if they wish.


Mhairi Edwards

© DC Thomson
Photographer Mhairi Edwards’ favourite image she captured in 2017.

I was sent to photograph punks for a Weekend Magazine cover feature. It didn’t take long for these two characters to get into the swing of things, I knew from the get-go I’d get some ace shots, and it was mainly down to them. I love working with natural light and this dark, empty loft space allowed me to use window light to its full potential. A great shoot with some very interesting conversations in between.


Gareth Jennings

© DC Thomson
The image photographer Gareth Jennings was most proud of in 2017.

I got a great news picture of a tense moment when I was sent to Elders court multi in Dundee. A man was sitting a few floors up on a window ledge threatening to jump. About an hour later, it looked like the police had persuaded him to come back in, then, he jumped… a woman screamed, eventually police got him back in. He was lucky… and I got a really good pic.


Dougie Nicolson

© DC Thomson
Photographer Dougie Nicolson’s favourite photo of the year.

I had been sent to photograph the final segment of the new Queensferry Crossing being put in place. It was history being made, a momentous occasion, a moment in time – but a long moment as the entire job took me four and a half hours. It was a very slow process!


Kim Cessford

© DC Thomson
Photographer Kim Cessford’s favourite photo of the year.

This loving, happy picture was taken at the annual Dundee Flower and Food Festival. It shows a mother and child in the audience, enjoying Andy Day’s Dino Rap on the Music Stage at Camperdown Park. I enjoy this picture as, to me, it shows the sheer delight and fun that the two of them are sharing during the audience participation show.


Steve MacDougall

© DC Thomson
Photographer Steve MacDougall was most proud of this photo.

My picture of the year is this striking image of a young boy with his face painted for Children in Need. It is an eye-catching picture due to the balanced and colourful composition, as well as the boy’s cheerful expression. It is a happy picture that makes me smile.