Sponsored: Large animal vet team boasts 65 years’ experience

Parkside Veterinary Group is a dedicated team of large animal veterinary surgeons with more than 65 years of combined experience.

Recently the team increased from four to five vets as new vet, Laura Rennie, joined Parkside. Laura arrives with over a decade of experience in equine and farm animal veterinary medicine. She also has an MSc and MPhil in Dairy Cow Welfare.

Now our five vets spend 100% of their time working only with large animals. Each of our vets has varied areas of expertise and interest and so we offer a complete service to our clients. Between us, we have a variety of horses, ponies, sheep, goats, alpacas, hens and bees.

In addition, some of our vets grew up working on farms and so have a wealth of experience with cattle and pedigree cattle along with running large commercial flocks of sheep. Other vets grew up competing on their horses at a variety of levels. Some of the vets continue to enjoy showing and competing in their spare time.


Parkside Farm is a valued part of our practice and we have recently welcomed several new farmers to our practice. If you are interested in using our veterinary service please call our large animal team on 01382 811111 to discuss your requirements.

We are a proactive, forward thinking team of vets offering all the normal routine services from PD’s (with ultrasound) to castrations, disbudding and dehorning. Our full emergency service provides a wealth of experience in all clinical problems that farm animals may find themselves in, from infections through to calvings, prolapses and caesars.

We also offer full Health Plans covering all the areas required by the Farm Assurance Schemes (herd/flock performance, parasite control, nutrition and farm grassland management). Topical farm client evenings are held at the main branch.


Parkside Equine offers a full range of services, including the routine health management of your horse – dental care, vaccination, worm egg count & parasite control plans, yard health plans and health checks. We provide a full range of advanced medical care for your horse, pony or donkey. This includes lameness & poor performance investigations, advanced dental care, reproduction services and AI.

Our regular educational client evenings are well attended. Parkside offers a full Pre-Purchase Examination (Vetting) service across the whole of Tayside Angus and Fife. Our Kings Cross Road premises has a dedicated equine stable area with stocks and so can offer a wide range of services on site, saving you a visit charge. We are always pleased to offer these services to any new horse owner in the area, please ring our equine team on 01382 811111 to discuss your requirements with us.


Parkside Smallholders is a rapidly growing area of the practice. We offer a wide range of experience with common species such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs but also with some of the unusual species such as alpacas, llamas and zoo animals and bees. Our standard of care is equally high for a smallholding with a couple of sheep as it would be for a flock of a couple of thousand sheep, in fact some of our vets have a smallholding of their own.

The vets’ extensive experience means we can advise you on all aspects of looking after your animals and if you are unfamiliar with how to perform some routine management procedures, we can offer you training e.g. injecting your animal, administering oral medicines, placing ear tags, trimming feet and applying castration/tailing rings.

If you would like to discuss the services we can offer you, please ring our office on 01382 811111 or visit our website. Our small holders are always welcome at our client evenings, with many of the topics as useful for them as they are for our farmers and horse owners.