Singer Machine Choir set to be a high note of Dundee Design Festival

Dundee Design Festival
Dundee Design Festival

A vast chorus of voices will playfully conjure the sounds of factories past and present on Friday night when singers take part in the Singer Machine Choir at the Dundee Design Festival.

For the past three months the festival team together with local games designers Biome Collective and musician Andy Truscott (Kinbrae) have visited factories across the region to record the sounds of working machinery.

Now, alongside Biome’s sonic installation, celebrated Dundee singer Alice Marra and folk legend Sheena Wellington, plus guests, will lead singers in simple vocal exercises and songs.

Alice Marra © Supplied
Dundee singer Alice Marra

The aim is to focus more on play and process rather than aiming towards a finished polished performance.

The 2017 Dundee Design Festival, with the theme ‘Factory Floor’, continues with various events over the weekend.

It concludes on Monday night with the first live performance in his hometown by Andrew Wasylyk of his new album Themes for Buildings and Spaces featuring haunting music inspired by Dundee’s post-industrial landscapes.

Andrew Mitchell, aka Andrew Wasylyk © Supplied
Andrew Mitchell, aka Andrew Wasylyk

*Dundee Design Festival, West Ward Works , Guthrie Street, Dundee.  Runs until May 29.