Fab deal — Perthshire hotel used by The Beatles snapped up in £795,000 takeover deal

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The Four Seasons at St Fillans

A seasoned hotelier has snapped up a piece of rock and roll history.

The Four Seasons at St Fillans in Highland Perthshire famously hosted The Beatles during an action-packed tour of Scotland in 1964.

Guests can still stay in the chalet where John Lennon and Paul McCartney spent the night.

Now the boutique hotel has been bought by businesswoman Susan Stuart in a £795,000 takeover deal.

Ms Stuart can already stake her own claim to fame, having launched the legendary Roundhouse venue in London.

She said she wanted to move to Perthshire for a change of scenery.

The Four Seasons, which has spectacular views of Loch Earn, was originally built in the early 19th Century for the manager of the local limekilns.

The main building later became the schoolmaster’s house.

It was extensively converted in the 1900s and has been upgraded and expanded over the decades.

The hotel has 12 bedrooms, six chalets and a holiday apartment.

It was put on the market by previous owner Andrew Low last year. Mr Low had been in charge of the venue since 1999.

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Susan Stuart, who has taken over the Four Seasons

Ms Stuart, who visited Loch Earn as a child, has been in the hospitality sector for 30 years and has worked with hotel chains such as Sheraton and InterContinental.

She said she was finally “living the dream”.

“I feel privileged to be the guardian of what is one of the most outstanding hotels in the area,” she said.

It was the hotel staff which impressed her during her first visit.

“Staff engaged with guests and that, combined with amazing views, is without a doubt a winning combination.”

Ms Stuart said she wants to prioritise “staff development” and aims to attract graduates who are starting out in the hospitality industry.

The hotel will stay pet friendly, with two-year-old Labrador Finn taking up the mantle as “pet receptionist”.

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Loch Earn’s “mirror man” art installation by Rob Mulholland.

The Four Seasons also boasts an outstanding artwork on its doorstep. The “mirror man”, known as Still, stands at the edge of Loch Earn. It was created by renowned artist Rob Mulholland.

The Beatles at St Fillans

The Fab Four arrived at the hotel during a night of heavy rain on October 19, 1964.

Fresh from another wild show in Edinburgh’s ABC Cinema, the travel-weary Liverpudlians were welcomed by a reception committee and ushered into the dining room for steaks.

The band went off to bed and enjoyed a long lie in the morning. John and Paul, who shared a chalet, were the first to be seen up and about.

They took a walk along the shores of Loch Earn. A news report at the time said they tried to “entice a dog into the loch by throwing sticks.”

But the dog wasn’t bothered.

John and Paul had lunch in the dining room, while George and Ringo had breakfast in bed.

During the afternoon, John and Paul spent about 30 minutes boating around Loch Earn.

Ringo and George only appeared moments before it was time to leave for their gig at Caird Hall in Dundee.

The show featured 10 songs starting with Twist and Shout and featuring tracks from that summer’s big release, A Hard Day’s Night.

Police were called to St Fillans after carloads of teenagers and students followed their heroes to their accommodation.

The hotel welcomed the Fab Four back with a party thrown by management.

The next day, Paul told a local reporter he enjoyed the peace and quiet of St Fillans and that he fancied buying a cottage in the area.