Ruth Davidson tells First Minister the UK is more important to Scotland than EU

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Ruth Davidson

Nicola Sturgeon berated the “reckless and selfish behaviour” of Westminster Tories over the EU after the Scottish Conservatives leader warned her against breaking up the UK.

In a testy exchange at First Minister’s Questions, Ms Davidson told the SNP leader to stop exploiting the Brexit vote to try and break up the UK, which the Edinburgh Central MSP said represents a greater threat to Scotland’s economy.

Ms Davidson said Scotland exports four times more to the rest of the UK than all the member states put together.

She said the EU single market, which allows free trade and movement of people, is “very important, but it is not as important as our own UK single market. Does the First Minister not agree?”

The First Minister said Ms Davidson was trying to impose an “either/or” choice on Scots when it was the “Conservatives who have recklessly brought this country to the brink”.

“No longer will the Tories have any credibility in suggesting they are the party of economic stability or even the party of the UK,” Ms Sturgeon said.

“It’s the reckless, selfish behaviour of the Conservative party that has put economic stability and the reputation of the UK on the line.”

Ms Sturgeon was also put under pressure by Scottish Labour leader to publish the legal advice she will be given on Scotland’s position in Europe.