Happy St Andrew’s Day — from the roof of Dundee V&A

An MSP has climbed to the roof of Dundee’s new V&A museum to send a St Andrew’s Day message to the world.

The West Scotland SNP member and official Scottish Parliament piper plays a version of The Proclaimers’ I Would Walk 500 Miles in the stunning drone-shot video.

Mr McMillan said: ”

Mr McMillan said: “V&A Dundee is very unique, I think it is going to become an iconic Scottish building. When I first saw the museum I thought it would be an ideal location to have a piper on the roof to play a couple of tunes. Thankfully, I’m not scared of heights.

“I have a link with Dundee as I studied at Abertay University. I am very fond of the city and I’m delighted to see the regeneration work that is taking place. Every time I am back I see something else that has changed.

“Piping on the roof of V&A Dundee was a wonderful way to mark St Andrew’s Day and make people aware of what is being created in the city.”

The Dundee V&A is on course to open in 2018.