VIDEO: “Amazing numbers” line Perth’s streets in counter-protest against far-right SDL

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Perth in a counter-protest to a right-wing rally against the building of a mosque in the city on Sunday afternoon.

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) was due to take part in a rally outside the city’s rail station at 2pm in a demonstration against the £1 million development on Jeanfield Road.

However masses of people from the likes of Perth Against Racism and anti-fascist groups lined the streets around the station in a counter-protest.

Police have now confirmed that one man was arrested during the demonstration.

© Marc Winsland on Twitter
Photo of the counter-protest against the SDL demo in Perth

SDL supporters had warned on social media that Perth would become a “war zone”.

There were reports that the SDL were chased away from one street upon arriving in a coach – after finding it too full of people to park.

Reports suggested only a small number of SDL demonstrators showed up to Perth.

VIDEO: Tensions high as hundreds take to Perth streets to oppose Scottish Defence League

Chants of “Nazi scum, off our streets” could be heard around the city centre as the two sides faced off.

There was a large police presence, with both groups separated by barriers.

Banners were on show from counter-protesters proclaiming “no parking for SDL hate” and “SDL Nazis not welcome”.

Another read: “Your granddad didn’t vote for fascists, he shot ’em”.

More than 100 people – members of anti-fascism groups and concerned residents – gathered in Perth’s Queens Hotel on Thursday night to coordinate a counter movement.

Earlier today Tayside Police Division said: “A demonstration is expected to take place this afternoon (Sunday, September 10 2017) in Perth city centre.

Perth unites against hatred as supporters of Scottish Defence League warn city could become a “war zone”

“The event is due to start at 2pm and those not attending are advised to avoid the area.

“We are working with local partners at Perth and Kinross council to keep disruption to a minimum.”

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