Amber Lights

The whiskies striving for the gold standard

December 23 2017

Every year, several books or compendia of the best whiskies are published and nominate various whiskies from all over the world as their top 20, or top 10, or top five, whiskies—and newspaper headlines broadcast whatever the top nominee is. And very often the whisky is not Scotch.

UK & World

Watch: Tom Hanks shares his insight on writing fiction

November 2 2017

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks has compared his work as a writer of fiction to life on the big screen. The star of Big, Philadelphia and Forrest Gump spoke at London’s Southbank Centre as he launched a compilation of short stories, Uncommon Type.

Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley on Michael Marra: Great service to a great man

October 24 2017

The Crumleys, like the Marras, were a Lochee tribe. It’s just possible that Michael and I threw snowballs at each other when some lads from St Mary’s primary (the Mary’s) came up the hill to Ancrum Road primary (the Anky) to mix it up a bit whenever winter obliged with a decent snowfall.