Dundee people among most stressed in the UK, study finds

Dundee was ranked the fourth most stressed city in the UK.

Dundee has been ranked among the five most stressed cities in the UK in a recent survey.

The City of Discovery was ahead of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh on the stress scale, ranking at number four – just three places behind London, which was declared the number one stress hot-spot.

The study, by TotallyMoney.com, looked at 16 stress-inducing factors across the country – such as finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates.

Joe Gardiner, the company’s head of brand and communications, said: “Poor access to credit and financial troubles are a big contributor when it comes to stress.

“We hope this research will help shine a light on the areas in which people can take control and  reduce their stress levels.”

A summary published alongside the study added: “Scotland’s fourth largest city was once an industrial hub, famous for jam and jute production, but it’s now facing economic challenges.

“Dundee also has the fifth highest number of unemployment benefit claimants, and these money struggles help to explain the city’s appearance in our top five.”

We hit the streets of Dundee to find out whether the city’s residents were feeling the stress.

James Richmond, 27, a pet supplies shop owner from the West End, said: “Personally I’m pretty stressed as I’ve just started a business.

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James Richmond.

“But that’s not because of Dundee – it’s actually a pretty relaxed city compared to other places.”

Ainsley Fraser, 34, a carer from Dryburgh, said she finds going into the city centre stressful.

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Ainsley Fraser.

She explained: “My son has autism, so busy places stress him out.

“It doesn’t help that a lot of people can be ignorant, for example a whole family walking in a line and hogging the pavement.

“But places like Glasgow or Edinburgh would be even worse, as they’re more crowded than Dundee.”

Andrew Spires, 52, a reader at Abertay University, said that apart from a few minor irritations he felt pretty relaxed in Dundee.

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Andrew Spires.

He added: “I used to live in Oxford, which was more stressful due to the high cost of living.

“When I first arrived in Dundee I had a bit of a shock as it’s more economically depressed, but I’ve been here ten years now and I like it.

“The wind and the seagulls can be annoying but the city is in a great position to allow you to take a spin to the countryside, or to another city.”