The cars you didn’t know were related

March 18 2019

We’re all familiar with car manufacturers teaming up. Sometimes it’s bourne out of necessity – struggling car makers with weak balance books end up joining forces in a bid to produce volume models that they need to stay afloat. Sometimes, it’s done for convenience, such as on occasions when it’s far simpler to borrow or buy another manufacturer’s tech than to develop it yourself.


First Drive: Mazda’s 3 reaches a new level

February 21 2019

What is it? C-segment cars continue to be a popular choice for UK buyers, but it’s arguably a tough class to crack for manufacturers. With the latest Ford Focus still flying off the shelves like those before it, the Volkswagen Golf proving to soldier on, and the patriotic among us buying Vauxhall Astras in their droves, it’s going to take a real gem for the rest of the industry to break into it.


The cars to look out for at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

February 20 2019

It’s almost that time of the year again — the Geneva Motor Show. Taking place from March 5 to 17, it sees manufacturers flocking to the Swiss city to showcase all of their latest production models, concept machinery and innovative technology.


First drive: An old nameplate revived for the 2019 Toyota Corolla

February 15 2019

What is it? “No more boring cars” was the bold proclamation of Toyota president Akio Toyoda last year, but even the brand’s executives will admit the Corolla nameplate doesn’t exactly stir the soul. A reputation for unparalleled reliability and dependability the world over is a fine thing to have, but for the new 12th-generation model, Toyota’s chasing a bit more dynamism and soul.