Arbroath baby makes Christmas Day appearance ahead of schedule

© DC Thomson
Proud parents Craig Phillip and Brooke Mollison show off their new daughter Tilly, with mid wife Julie Cabrelli.

Angus midwives had a special delivery just after midday when a Christmas Day baby girl made her way into the world a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Arbroath couple Craig Phillip and Brooke Mollison arrived at Arbroath community maternity unit around 11 o’clock and at 12.18 the couple’s first child, Tilly, arrived, weighing in at exactly six pounds.

“She was due on January 18 but a couple of days ago Brooke began to feel something going on.

© DC Thomson
The first Christmas baby in 16 years born at Arbroath Hospital,

“We thought we’d give it until today but she was up all night and then her waters broke so we came in,” added SEO specialist Craig.

Craig, 23, and Brooke, 21, both from Arbroath said they were over the moon to have such an unforgettable Christmas Day.

“We’ve been together four and a half years and this is very special,” Craig added.