Angus artist transforms bedroom into studio and gallery

© DC ThomsonArtist Liam Stewart.
Artist Liam Stewart.

An Angus blacksmith-turned-artist who shot to fame mixing fine art and zombies has transformed his bedroom into a gallery.

Liam Stewart’s visions of a gruesome zombie apocalypse in places such as Kirk Square, Arbroath Rail Station and Keptie Pond went on display in the town in 2016.

© Paul Reid
Artist Liam Stewart.

The exhibition was followed by ‘Arbroath at the Movies’ in 2017 which brought Star Wars, the Transformers, Batman and the Avengers to some of his favourite locations including the town’s famous abbey.

The 41-year-old former Arbroath High pupil – who works at Mackay Boat Builders – is also a fine artist who has been enjoying a growing reputation.

He is now in high demand for his work which prompted him to find a new studio/gallery which meant making changes at his new house.

“I got the keys in September and have spent the past two months doing it up,” he said.

“It’s not 100% finished but it’s getting there and in that time I’ve transformed one of the bedrooms into a modest little studio/gallery.

“The last two months have been hard keeping up with commissions while working on the house but I’m delighted to have got there.

“The studio room is really needed due to an overwhelming amount of commission orders since my exhibition in 2017.

“Things have really taken off and I now have a waiting list. The studio is also a mini-gallery where people can come and have a look at what’s on the wall.”

Liam fell in love with John Constable’s painting the Hay Wain from a young age which sparked his dream of becoming an artist.

He said he hasn’t received any zombie orders this year but he did enjoy taking up the challenge of bringing Captain James T Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise to Dundee’s V&A for a special visit.

Liam’s creation was commissioned by Ron Watson who wanted ‘Star Trek at the V&A’ for his sister’s birthday.

“Apart from that it’s been a steady stream of pet portraits, a couple of human portraits and landscapes,” he said.

“I did get another unusual order when a guy asked me to paint him with family and friends in the pub with the cast of the American comedy series ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.

“It’s been busy and long may it continue.”