Behave or be BANNED — Red card scheme to weed out trouble-makers in Dundee’s pubs

© DC Thomson
PC Mark Reid with the red card from the Behave Or Be Banned campaign.

A red and yellow card system will be introduced in city centre pubs in a bid to curb anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Drinkers “taking things too far” will be handed yellow warning cards by staff and bouncers to make them aware their behaviour will not be tolerated.

It is hoped the scheme will reduce the amount of alcohol-fuelled violence. All of the city pubs signed up to the Duncan (Dundee Coordinated Anti-Crime Network) initiative will embrace the scheme.

If, after being handed a yellow card, a customer does not heed the warning they will be given a red card and police will be called.

The red card recipient will then be banned from every pub in Dundee and Broughty Ferry for a year.

A launch event was held on Thursday morning in Clarks bar on Lindsay Street, with representatives from the pub trade, police and council all in attendance.

Chief Inspector Nicky Russell said the Behave or Be Banned initiative was being launched ahead of the busy festive period and that extra officers would be visible, especially on “black Friday” – the last Friday before Christmas which is traditionally popular with revellers.

© DC Thomson
From left: The scheme is launched at Clarks Bar by (from left) , Inspector Nicky Russell, Councillor Alan Ross, bar owner Scott Clark, city centre manager Sarah Craig and PC Mark Reid.

She said: “Behave or Be Banned is aimed at reducing violence and anti-social behaviour in and around Dundee’s nightlife. It will also include Broughty Ferry.

“We are taking a partnership approach by working together with the Dundee City Council, licensees and security staff to promote a safe environment for members of the public to go out and enjoy themselves free from the fear of inconsiderate behaviour which simply won’t be tolerated.

“If you misbehave you may receive a yellow card. This is a warning that any further misbehaviour could lead to a one-year ban from Duncan Pubwatch premises.

“If you are involved in something more serious you will go straight to a red card – which could lead to a one-year ban from Duncan Pubwatch premises.

“We would encourage everyone to come out for their night out and have a great time but they should know that any bad behaviour will be dealt with by pubs, door staff and Police Scotland who will all have the ability to issue cards.

“We will work together more closely than ever before and we will share information about those who are misbehaving to make sure that they cannot spoil what should be a good night out for everyone.”

Community safety committee convener Councillor Alan Ross said: “We encourage people to go out and have a good time in the city’s pubs and licensed premises and part of that is making sure everyone has a safe time.

“This new scheme will get people to think about their behaviour and how they might be behaving – or not – and encourage them to change it for the better if they have been handed a card.”