Dundee Matters: City sent a defiant “Nae to Nazis”

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Sickening posters, which The Courier has chosen to obscure, were put up at the city's Allsorts group.

“The National Socialist never capitulates”.

So brags the website of the System Resistance Network, the fascist group that is seemingly unaware of the Nazis’ complete and utter capitulation to the Allies in 1945.

Last week, one of the SRN’s foot soldiers “bravely” skulked about Dundee, putting up posters attacking immigrants and a support group of LGBTI youths before scuttling off to his bedroom to send anonymous Tweets about the powerful blow they had struck against the Jewish-homosexual-Muslim-Dundonian elite currently subjugating the white race.

While I am loathe to give the new-Nazi group the oxygen of publicity it so desperately craves, it is crucial that fascism is challenged whenever it rears its ugly head.

These homophobic and anti-immigrant posters and sentiments have no place in Dundee, or elsewhere in the UK for that matter.

And Dundonians themselves have made that abundantly clear.

Almost as soon as posters appeared on the Nethergate, passers-by tore them down in disgust.

And after the thug, or thugs, targeted the Allsorts youth group, people turned out in Dundee City Square yesterday to attend an impromptu “Nae to Nazis” rally.

Just as when the far-right Scottish Defence League attempted to stage a rally in Dundee, the city has spoken with one voice to reject them and their perverted worldview.

Whoever put up the SRN posters is, of course, one of life’s more pathetic specimens and almost worthy of pity.

Nobody with a life worth living or loved ones to love gives a single damn about concepts like racial superiority.

Only those so empty and insecure with their place in their world need to find targets and enemies they can blame for their own failings.

Most people are happy to live and let live.

Those who seek to bully or intimidate other people because of their skin colour or sexual orientation are beneath contempt.

We live in a multi-cultural world, with a mix of colours, cultures and religions.

The ideal of some all-white, homogeneous world is a fantasy, and a dull one at that.

Dundee’s Muslims have had to repeatedly condemn the extremists who twist their religion as justification for terrible crimes.

Rejection of these cowardly fascists must continue to be as absolute.